Don’t let the heat make you unpleasant if the air conditioning in your car isn’t working properly. Return to comfortable cruising. We’ll fix your air conditioning system if you bring your car or truck to Man Versus Machine, LLC in Rock Hill. You can reach the company at 1015 Latham Ct, Rock Hill, SC 29732, or give them a call at 803-366-7512.

Five Indices That Your Car’s Air Conditioner Needs Service

  • The air conditioning in your automobile is only somewhat colder than outdoor air.
  • The air your car’s air conditioner blows has a mold and mildew odor to it.
  • A/C only operates when you’re driving.
  • When you use the highest fan setting, you still have inadequate airflow.
  • Water dripping or condensing on your foot when you’re driving.

Take action now! Man Versus Machine, LLC is a good place to check if the efficiency of your car’s air conditioning system is low. You can save more money on future AC repair bills by performing routine maintenance today. Changing the coolant in an air conditioner can often be a cheap and easy way to fix it.

With use, the majority of automobile and truck air conditioners eventually malfunction. If the AC unit’s hoses aren’t maintained, they could break, clog, or leak. Allow us to maintain the optimal functioning of your cooling system while we service your automobile or truck. To find out more about how we can restore your air conditioning, give us a call at 803-366-7512.


Man Versus Machine, LLC in Rock Hill Offers Quick Freon Recharging

It might be time for a quick freon recharge if your car’s air conditioning (AC) starts to lose its ability to cool down or stops producing cool air. Often, recharging your freon can help you battle the summer heat quickly and affordably. However, a fractured hose or seal could be the source of the freon leak. It frequently serves as a warning that a more extensive repair is required.


Allow Man Versus Machine, LLC to fix the AC compressor in your vehicle.

The compressor is the main source of cool air in your car. Pressurizing the refrigerant to cool the cabin air, monitoring and regulating temperature output, detecting temperature changes within and outside the car, and transferring air to the AC condenser are the four primary tasks performed by your automobile’s compressor.

Man Versus Machine, LLC in Rock Hill can repair or replace the AC evaporator in your vehicle.

Your car’s evaporator, which is situated just behind the dashboard, is responsible for chilling air and eliminating moisture before it enters the cabin of your vehicle or truck.


Visit Man Versus Machine, LLC to Replace Your Thermal Expansion Valve or Orifice Tube.

The exact amount of refrigerant that can be safely added to the evaporator is determined by the Thermal Expansion Valve, also known as the Orifice Tube, which measures the pressure and temperature of your air conditioning system. Unwanted moisture may build up in the air conditioning system of a car or truck due to uneven pressure.