Don’t ignore the electronic systems in your car; instead, put your trust in our professionals to fix your car right the first time! A broken system or driving controls can frequently be the cause of a bad driving experience. Visit Man Versus Machine, LLC to make sure your car is ready to drive.

Among our electronic services are:

Examine the engine light

When the “Check Engine” light on their automobile comes on, nobody loves it. The light could indicate a minor issue like a cap that is loose or a more serious one like a defective catalytic converter. We at Man Versus Machine, LLC are capable of deciphering the code and offering you a diagnosis. For our knowledgeable assistance, drop us a call at 803-366-7512 or visit by the store.


Nowadays, automobile manufacturers equip their cars with a minimum of one computer. The primary job of this computer is to keep an eye on and modify transmission and engine functions. Information is inputted into the computer from several sensors. The computer regulates fuel injectors, idle speed, and spark plugs to provide you the greatest driving experience possible. The items that the automobile computer regulates will be significantly impacted if it fails. Have the computer in your car checked for upgrades and good operation on a regular basis to get the most out of it. Should it be malfunctioning already, get it fixed or changed. For professional assistance with the computer in your car, go to Man Versus Machine, LLC in Rock Hill, SC 29732 right now.

Computer Reflashing

With its cutting-edge machinery, Man Versus Machine, LLC can offer computer reflashing to its clients in the Rock Hill region. A factory update is the main cause for reflashing a computer, which is essentially reinstalling or updating its software. It’s a rather easy process, although the car might not have received any small modifications. It’s possible that the manufacturer made minor adjustments to the transmission-shifting algorithms or other factors that aren’t very important but could have a positive impact on emissions, mileage, or driving comfort. Every day, automakers release updates for their vehicles, so there might be a reset available for yours. To make an appointment, stop by Man Versus Machine, LLC or give us a call at 803-366-7512!


Man Versus Machine, LLC’s diagnostic mechanics are qualified to identify and fix any electrical component in your vehicle. Contact Man Versus Machine, LLC right now if you need professional diagnostic services for the electronic equipment in your car.

The degree of stability and smoothness in your car’s acceleration is known as driveability. The majority of contemporary automobiles are equipped with on-board computers that monitor sensor readings continuously. A warning notice regarding drivability issues will appear on your car’s dashboard. Visit Man Versus Machine, LLC in Rock Hill, SC 29732 right now to get your car’s drivability concerns diagnosed. We at Man Versus Machine, LLC have the equipment, know-how, and technology required to identify and fix any drivability problems with your vehicle.

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Engine Management

An engine control system is essentially your car’s on-board computer. The engine controllers are made up of both hardware and software, much like any other computer. Automobile engine management systems are in charge of limiting pollutants from exhaust and maximizing fuel efficiency. Make sure the engine controls are operating correctly if you want to get the most out of your car’s extremely sophisticated technology. Give Man Versus Machine, LLC a call right now to see if the engine controls on your vehicle are operating correctly.