Repairs for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Man Versus Machine, LLC is ready to assist you in maintaining the eco-friendliness and efficiency of your electric or hybrid car. Set up an appointment with us at 803-366-7512 so we can service your car.

You may receive the knowledge and high-quality parts at Man Versus Machine, LLC to quickly get your electric or hybrid car back on the road. The instances of being obligated to pay exorbitant prices for dealer repairs are over. Man Versus Machine, LLC employs highly skilled and certified mechanics that specialize on all the areas that set your hybrid or electric car apart from other cars, like regenerative braking systems and electric powertrain components.

The electric motor in your hybrid vehicle enables it to save petrol when moving through stop-and-go traffic. Your engine has to work far harder to get your car moving than it does to go at a steady speed. This is where your gas savings originate from, when an electric motor’s torque enters the hybrid drive system. Our professionals at Man Versus Machine, LLC are qualified to make sure your hybrid or electric vehicle’s electric motors are operating at peak efficiency in order to maintain those savings. To ensure your hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) continues to operate at its best, we provide drivers in the Rock Hill area diagnostic diagnostics, repairs, and preventative maintenance.

Those fuel-saving electric engines won’t turn at all without the battery and charging systems in your car. Since the specially designed batteries in hybrid and electric cars are the most expensive component of the overall system, only qualified personnel should maintain them. The battery and charging systems of your car will only be serviced by certified technicians at Man Versus Machine, LLC who have received extensive training on all major manufacturers’ power systems. Similar to your car’s electric motors, we are able to identify problems, fix them, and, if necessary, locate and install high-quality replacement parts.

Your hybrid or electric vehicle also has the brilliant feature of regenerative braking. By effectively putting the electric motor(s) into reverse order, this type of braking helps the mechanical brake pads and slows down the car while producing energy to charge the battery. The extended lifespan of the brake system that drivers observe is a positive side effect of this technique. Man Versus Machine, LLC closely monitors the brake pads on your automobile to make sure they last as long as feasible and to help you save even more money. We’ll get you ready for the road in a few hours when it comes time to change the brake pads.