Other miscellaneous automotive services are offered by our skilled auto professionals for anything else that can jeopardize your car’s performance on the road. Furthermore, you may be confident that you’re getting the highest craftsmanship available because our job is guaranteed. Tell us how we can support you! To schedule an appointment for other high-quality vehicle services, call us at 803-366-7512.

Among our other automotive services are:

After-Hours Departure

Long after the majority of vehicle repair shops have closed, needs for auto repairs can still occur. When you use after-hours drop-off services, you can leave your automobile at the repair shop long after it has closed to get it fixed. All you have to do is complete an envelope, insert your keys, and place it inside a drop box. Only when your automobile is available or when more information is required will the auto shop get in touch with you. Man Versus Machine, LLC values your convenience, which is why we provide drop-off services after business hours. Completing the DROP-OFF FORM will aid the mechanic in troubleshooting any issues. You may just drop off your car at our store, even if we’ve closed. Our auto mechanics are going to work on it and get in touch with you when it’s ready.

Free Local Pickup & Delivery for Appointment-Based Repairs

Auto businesses occasionally provide delivery and pickup services. This is the process whereby the auto shop comes to your house or place of employment, takes your car, fixes it, and then delivers the finished product. It saves you both money and time. Delivery and p/u services are available for free or at a cost. Man Versus Machine, LLC provides free local delivery and pickup services, meaning we will regularly come get your automobile from your house or place of business. Making the process of getting that car fixed or maintained as stress-free as possible is our goal. Access to this service requires scheduling.

Free Local Transport Service and Appointment-Based Repairs

You may not always have the luxury of waiting for us to complete servicing your automobile after you drop it off at our shop for repairs and maintenance. We provide complimentary local shuttle services to help you get on with your busy life. Customers at Man Versus Machine, LLC in Rock Hill, SC 29732 can take advantage of our free local shuttle service. With this service, you don’t have to spend time at the shop while we repair your car; you can comfortably resume your daily activities. Appointments are required for this service.

Fuel Economy

The professionals at Man Versus Machine, LLC are capable of performing maintenance and performing an inspection on your car to help it run at its best and increase overall fuel economy and efficiency. These examinations and services could cover things like:

  • Replace the engine’s oil, being sure to use the proper grade.
  • Verify and replace your air filter.
  • Examine and replace a blocked fuel filter as needed.
  • As indicated by the manufacturer, adjust the tire pressure.
  • Examine and/or tidy the intake system.
  • Examine or replace any malfunctioning oxygen sensors or emissions components.
  • Check the brakes for correct adjustment.
  • Examine the power steering system and adjust the steering if required.
  • Adjust the front suspension
  • In order to fix or clean filthy or broken fuel injectors
  • Examine and replace the spark plug wires and plugs.
  • Look for a clogged catalytic converter in the exhaust.
  • Inspect the system for recirculating exhaust gases.

Seals, Hubs, Studs, and Nuts

An electric motor built right into the wheel hub that powers it directly is called a wheel hub motor, or simply a wheel motor. By repairing your worn-out and warped wheel hubs, you may enjoy a safer and more comfortable ride right now. Allow Man Versus Machine, LLC to swap out your old hubs right now.

Oil and grease sealing is made possible by properly operating seals, which improve performance in a variety of climates and conditions. Seals that are worn out or deformed cause lubricant to leak out of the bearing unit or allow foreign objects to enter. This finally causes the bearing unit to fail prematurely. Get new seals installed in the bearings to prevent contamination and preserve lubricant. Get in touch with or stop by Man Versus Machine, LLC right now to get the seals changed by professionals.

The threaded bolts that secure your truck’s wheels are called studs. Through the braking disk or brake drum, the wheel studs are fixedly affixed to the wheel hub. Lug nuts are bolted over the stud to secure the wheel. Riptide wheel studs may pose a serious risk. Wheel studs that are damaged should be changed out right away for new ones. For high-quality wheel stud replacement for your truck, contact Man Versus Machine, LLC at 803-366-7512 or stop by today.

A fastener used to secure a wheel to the hub is called a wheel nut or lug nut. To fasten a wheel to the threaded wheel studs (which are fastened to a wheel hub), a set of lug nuts is required. Worn-out nuts can only indicate that a wheel is not firmly mounted on the car, increasing the chance that the car would roll over. Man Versus Machine, LLC may be reached at Rock Hill, SC 29732, or by visiting the company’s location to have the wheels of your truck firmly fixed to the hub.

Accepted Extended Warranties: Most

For the majority of automobile buyers, an extended warranty, sometimes referred to as a service contract, can offer peace of mind. When the standard manufacturer warranty has ended, the warranty (or service contract) begins to run. Major malfunctions are covered by an extended warranty, which also balances the price of repairs. Sadly, not every auto repair company is willing to accept extended warranties. In Rock Hill, SC 29732, Man Versus Machine, LLC accepts the majority of extended warranties. We permit you to reduce the cost of auto repairs by using the service contract.

Welding on-site

Metal pieces are joined together through the construction and artistic process of welding. We at Man Versus Machine, LLC provide a range of welding solutions. Just give us a call at 803-366-7512 or stop by our Rock Hill, South Carolina, business.

Changes in Performance

Are performance and speed your passions? Performing performance enhancements on your vehicle enables you to reach elevated velocity and efficiency. To increase your car’s performance and speed, this kind of modification entails swapping out or replacing certain of its parts with high-performance ones. Man Versus Machine, LLC’s mechanics are also passionate about performance. To guarantee that your drive performs at its peak, the mechanics will make all the required performance adjustments. Call or visit Man Versus Machine, LLC at 803-366-7512 for all of your performance modification needs.

Inspections Prior to Purchase

Do you intend to purchase a new vehicle? Avoid taking chances. Have faith in the vehicle you are purchasing. Make sure the car is inspected before you buy it. Pre-purchase inspections entail assessing the vehicle’s condition to make sure a purchase is worthwhile. Our pre-purchase inspection specialists at Man Versus Machine, LLC are skilled mechanics who will carefully examine any vehicle, regardless of brand or model, enabling you to make an informed choice. When you acquire your next used car, pre-purchase inspections will undoubtedly provide you piece of mind.

Inspection Prior to Travel

A pre-travel medical examination can mean the difference between a trip that goes well and one that goes horribly wrong. The inspection’s goal is to find any probable flaws or mechanical issues that can result in a catastrophe. As you prepare to travel, be sure your vehicle has received a thorough safety inspection. Man Versus Machine, LLC’s experts are someone you can trust. Any kind, brand, and model of automobile can have a safety inspection performed by our pre-trip inspection specialists. Our professionals are committed to making your travel safe. Just stop by or contact us by phone at 803-366-7512.

Tires, Wiring, and Trailer Hitches

A trailer needs maintenance even though it doesn’t have an engine of its own. Wires are required for the trailer in order to transfer current to the rear lights, including the brake lights. Your trailer maintenance will be taken care of by skilled and knowledgeable electricians from Man Versus Machine, LLC. Please give us a call at 803-366-7512 to make an appointment.

Wheel Hub Bearings

Wheel bearings are located inside wheels and link up to the braking system. They allow wheels to spin freely. With time, they may wear down and result in a shaking suspension and loud rubbing when the automobile is driven. In the event that they entirely break, driving the car will become dangerous and extremely difficult. Wheel bearing replacement intervals vary widely, but wear and leakage should be frequently inspected. Your bearings can be inspected by Man Versus Machine, LLC to ensure they are in good condition and to determine whether they require replacement.