Man Versus Machine, LLC takes a comprehensive approach to auto repair for your vehicle. This means that we take the time to ensure that you’re working with a strong foundation before we examine the internal parts of your vehicle. We provide the foundation of your automobile the care and attention it needs with our thorough undercar inspections and services, which cover a crucial region that is easy to overlook.

Come in today and get your undercarriage looked out to prevent disaster. Make an appointment with us by calling 803-366-7512 or stopping by our Rock Hill, SC location, and we’ll make certain your car is in excellent condition!

Among our affordably priced undercar services are:


Wheel alignment, often known as alignment, is routine auto maintenance that entails correcting the wheel angles to meet manufacturer specifications. The primary goal is to minimize tire wear by allowing the steering and suspension systems to work at the appropriate angles. The technique of alignment is intricate, and not every mechanic performs it correctly. Go to Man Versus Machine, LLC if you want your car’s alignment done by professionals.

Anti-lock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes work by automatically adjusting the brake pressure in an emergency stop to prevent wheel lock-up while braking quickly. The wheels can stay in contact with the road when braking thanks to this mechanism. Run-off road incidents and numerous vehicle crashes could become more likely if the anti-lock brakes fail. Get your anti-lock brakes inspected and fixed by professionals to prevent this. Our anti-lock brake specialists at Man Versus Machine, LLC will diagnose and fix your malfunctioning ABS to keep you safe.

Brake System Cleanup

Brake fluid absorbs moisture due to its hygroscopic nature. The fluid’s boiling point is lowered by the absorbed moisture. Additionally, it corrodes the cylinders and lines. Because of the decreased temperature, the brake fluid may boil while you’re braking, which would impair your ability to brake. This is a severe case, but it does occur when braking heavily. Periodically getting a brake clean is something that car manufacturers advise to lessen the impact of the absorbed moisture. Fresh fluid is substituted for used, contaminated fluid during a braking system flush. The brake experts at Man Versus Machine, LLC will perform a brake system flush when you use their quick lube services. Give 803-366-7512 a call or stop by Man Versus Machine, LLC right now.


A mechanical device called a brake is used to slow down or stop a vehicle (typically by means of resistance). A brake, very simply, stops your car from moving. It enables you to stop the vehicle anywhere and at any time. Among the most crucial components of a car are the brakes. You wouldn’t be able to get out of the automobile without them. Consider having the brakes on your car serviced if they’re not working well. Man Versus Machine, LLC’s brake specialists can service your vehicle’s brakes to guarantee a secure ride.


The internal framework of an automobile, or chassis, supports the body as well as various components such the driveshaft, differential, suspension, engine, and wheels. A car with a weakened or harmed chassis will be weak overall. Have any flaws in your car’s chassis checked out if you want a robust and functional automobile. Your chassis can be worked on by skilled undercar service experts at Man Versus Machine, LLC.

Custom Exhaust

The pipes that direct exhaust gases from the engine outside are known as a motor vehicle emission system. The exhaust system can be altered to improve engine power, lower pollution, and quiet the engine, even though its primary function is to direct exhaust gasses from the engine outside. You will need to spend money on a specialized exhaust system in order to accomplish this.

For your car, Man Versus Machine, LLC in Rock Hill, SC 29732 can make a stainless steel exhaust system specifically for you. For a wide variety of vehicles, including modified cars, regular road cars, antique cars, kit cars, 4x4s, imports, and racecars, we are experts in custom speed exhaust systems, stainless steel mufflers, mufflers, muffler kits, and racing mufflers.

Differential Flush

When a vehicle is turning, the differential in the car adjusts for the variation in distance traveled between the inner and outer wheels. Most non-four-wheel-drive (FWD) cars have the differential under the car and in the back, thus it does not receive the same level of attention as the engine. One thing that all motorists should be aware of is that a failing differential will result in a failing vehicle. Every 30,000 to 50,000 miles, the differential fluid needs to be changed to prevent failure. Just as crucial as replacing the engine oil in the car is changing the oil in the differential. While it’s quite simple to check and change differential oil, a thorough differential flush requires a trip to the auto shop. Visit or give Man Versus Machine, LLC in Rock Hill, SC 29732 a call right now for differential flush services.


The engine’s power is transferred to the wheels via the differential. The differential gets its name from its ability to transfer power to the wheels at varying speeds while maintaining this functionality. When turning, the front wheels move farther than the back wheels, and the outer wheels move farther than the inner wheels. This indicates that during a turn, the four wheels move at various speeds, and the differential helps with this. Get your car’s differentials checked out on a regular basis to ensure appropriate operation. Get in touch with Man Versus Machine, LLC right now for differential maintenance and inspection.


The component of your car that joins the engine and transmission to the wheel axles is called the driveline. The components of the powertrain, excluding the engine and transmission, make up the driveline. The car would not be able to move if the driveline failed since the engine could not transfer energy to the wheel axles. As a result, ensure sure the drivetrain of your vehicle is routinely inspected and maintained. Additionally, Man Versus Machine, LLC offers skilled driveline servicing.


An exhaust system in a car is a system of pipes that directs exhaust gasses out of the engine and typically to the back of the car. Not only does a well-operating exhaust system sound better, but it also benefits you, your vehicle, and the environment. Expert technicians are available at Man Versus Machine, LLC to service the exhaust system on your car.


Shock absorbers, often known as shocks, are mechanical devices used to reduce road vibration. The gadgets achieve this by changing the kinetic energy into a different kind of energy. Shocks that are operating properly lessen the impact of driving over uneven terrain, improving handling and ride quality. Driving on uneven roads becomes uncomfortable when shocks malfunction, and your car may shake when turning. Visit Man Versus Machine, LLC right now to have the shocks in your car tested and fixed.


Your car’s struts offer a damping effect as you drive over a road’s surface, much like a shock absorbers (shocks). Struts enable passengers to travel in an automobile without experiencing uncomfortable, continuous motion. Struts function somewhat differently from shocks because they give the suspension system of your car structural support. This means that, in contrast to shocks, which merely control how quickly weight is transferred, struts sustain the weight of your car. Typically, struts have a lifespan of 50,000–60,000 kilometers. This is merely the result of the parts’ deteriorating dampening properties over time. For inquiries concerning the struts on your vehicle, contact Man Versus Machine, LLC at 803-366-7512. Our knowledgeable specialists will identify any issues and assist you in making an informed repair decision.


Tires The chance of a tire exploding increases as tires age because they lose grip and disintegrate inside. Your car may quickly lose control as a result of this. You must maintain the condition of the tires if you want your car to run better. Please get in touch with Man Versus Machine, LLC for all of your tire needs.